Info from ticket extractions not available via API

  • 26 August 2022
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Hi everyone,


I am currently downloading info of tickets extracting from webpage.

I decided to go for the API service of freshdesk and analyzed the responde of the call.

The output of the call still lack some info such as:


- Agent Interactions

- Customer Interactions

- Survey Result

- Initial Response Time

- First Response Time (in Hrs)

- Resolution Time (in Hrs)


The actual API call is the following one:

GET “,requester,company,description


I think that the only way to retrieve these calculated fields will be to get conversations and make some operations.

The only thing I found is that it is possible to download the conversations only for single ticket.

Is there someone who has experience with the download via API of all the conversations of all tickets just with one call?

It seems it is not something already integrated via API, is there someone interested in upvote this request for Freshdesk developers?


Thanks a lot for your help

2 replies

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@Aishvarya can you help here!

I’m having this problem as well. I need the number of Agent Interactions in every ticket to make my reports, but I can’t access it with the API call. Can we have something like that?