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  • 20 February 2019
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we have one paid version, and one free version of Freshdesk.

I use the free one, "techsupport" but my colleague who is on the paid version "support" is having issues with a client email continually bouncing. It's happened for several days now, while I'm able to email ("reply") to him no problem.

We've checked that the email is the same on both systems (no typos, missing characters, etc).

The error she keeps getting is this:

The following message composed by you on ticket XXXX failed to reach the recipient XXXX
Reason: "Message bounced - Temporary error.

So she has to resort to emailing him outside the system.

Do you have any tips or tricks to resolve this? Thanks so much!!

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3 replies

I also have this issue, everything worked fine then all of a sudden around 15 different clients stopped receiving our emails with this error. After multiple closed tickets (which shouldn't have been closed) and many frustrating web chats, being passed around from agent to agent, the issue persists. 

Freshdesk have told me a couple of times that "We have fixed the issue in the background" but fail to provide any information abut it. I was advised to configure some DKIM settings which have been applied and verified but we still have the same issue.

We can send the failed emails from our side discarding Freshdesk and that works fine, the recipients do not appear to have any issues with their emails.

Not sure at this point.

We have started seeing this issue in the last few days as well. Any update from Freshdesk on when this will be resolved?

Nothing back on my side, they keep advising "We have fixed this in the backend" and when I ask what the issue was the completely ignore me. Very professional.

I chase daily and get the same response, I guess it's their go-to.