Bulk Update on Agent in Time Log

  • 5 December 2018
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Our team just recently used Freshdesk (since Oct 2018, now its Dec as of writing) and is still having some learning curves. We are fairly new to using this kind of tool as well, so apologies if the topic may seem basic.

We are only use one account since we're still 2 in the team. We made a mistake in logging the time of our tickets. We missed the part of changing the agent when you add Log Time. So, when we extracted our Timesheet Summary Report, it only appeared that only one of us had tickets, when in fact we assigned the tickets accordingly to the either of the 2 of us.

Is there a way to bulk update the agent tagged in the Time Log? I tried to go to the Ticket Dashboard, filter the Agent to that my teammate's, but I can't bulk update the detail (agent) in the Time Logged.

I hope I'm making sense. If there's any work around for this, that would be lovely. Thank you, everyone!

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1 reply

Hello Marnon, 

I don't think there is an easy / obvious way to achieve this. 

You would probably need to use the Time-Entries API to achieve this: