Can't see "Customer responded" badge under state on tickets that are "Closed" or "Resolved"

  • 4 November 2019
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I have reviewed the knowledge base and have not been able to find an answer.

Here is the scenario:

I have had customer respond but the blue badge of "Customer responded" does not appear beside a closed or resolved ticket. 

There are times that I don't want a ticket to reopen, but I do need to see that there was a response.

Also is there any way to sort on so that I can group on tickets where the Customer has responded and the badge is available.


Ryan Clarke

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One suggestion, but there might be better ways:

You could set up a rule in automations that if a customer responds while a ticket has status closed or resolved, that you fill a dedicated new field with a specific value. In the overview of all tickets you could then filter on that field.

I have not tested this, so I am not sure it works, but see no reason why it would not. If you have a rule that opens a ticket when a customer responds, you need to sort out the sequence.