Captcha doesn't work

  • 18 August 2012
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The captcha doesn't work, when, is not even showing in the fields

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3 replies

Hi Daniel,

I think problem is browser specific. Tried in Chrome/FF/IE & Safari, works fine here

This problem may be browser based but I am having customers of mine contact me letting me know that they cannot get into my support area because the Captcha does not show up. I have had people using IE and Chrome with this problem. Something needs to change since I rely on this product for handling my customer support and when I have customers that cannot use it I have a problem.


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Hey Paul,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our forums. 

Do your customers generally access your support site via your default Freshdesk URL or they access the custom domain 

If so, please check whether they try hitting your portal with an https. Because, if they do so, there will be an error in the captcha loading since SSL is not enabled in your account. 

Please do run a check on these and give me an update.