Company search does not work in Edit Contact screen

It seems in the last week or so, the Company search does not work in the Edit Contact screen.  It used to be that you could type a word of a company name into the Company field and you would get a list of possible results to select from.  This no longer happens.

Currently, in order to link a Contact with a Company, you have to enter the full company name 'exactly' into the Company field.  The full company name is very difficult to find manually when there is a large number of Companies in the system.  (It also seems that the Export Customer function does not include Companies that are not linked to any Contacts.

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Hi Matt

There was a BUG identified and we've fixed this BUG

Sorry for the trouble caused

Please check this now and it should be good


Thanks Vijay,

Yes, all is good now.  Thanks for the quick response.  I've closed the ticket.

Cheers, Matt.