Double spacing problem

  • 17 October 2013
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 I'm doing a company signature for e-mails and noticed that the signature part of the e-mails are double spaced. As can be seen in the image attached, the actual message I wrote is single-spaced but the e-mail I'm receiving is double-spaced. Help please!


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4 replies

Hi Guys

Can anyone of your share some info on your Freshdesk Account ? 

I will check this out and assist you on this


I also experience the same issue using Chrome.  The received email is double spaced.

I'm using Google Chrome and I also checked it on IE if it still has the same problem and, yep..still the same problem.

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Hey Arthur, 

Thank you for reaching out to us. 

Can you please tell me the browser in which you are facing this issue, so that I can help you out better?