False Unassigned Ticket

  • 15 October 2019
  • 6 replies

Kindly assist:my helpdesk showing one unassigned ticket but once i open nothing to show

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6 replies

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My suggestion would be to raise a ticket (New ticket) and get the Freshdesk support team to look at the problem.

Hi tried All these options but still cant get a Solution

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Maybe you can also take a look with element inspecting that a div is hidden or something else ..

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The only thing I can suggest is going to "All tickets" and exporting say the last 30 days (assume that is long enough). Make sure the dates on the initial "All tickets" screen is equal to that in the Excel/csv drop-down screen, and select at least the field Agent. Maybe you can find something in the exported list of all tickets, both open and closed ones.

Yes i have tried refreshing and still one unassigned is there but cant trace it

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Have you tried refreshing the screen? And does the unassigned count then still show up as one?