Feedback widget: dropdown option creating weird scrollbars

  • 22 October 2013
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I am trying to get rid of the scroll bar that appears next to our feedback widget if I use a drop down option.

Image 1: If I end on a drop down menu, I get a tiny scroll bar to the right. 

Image 2 + 3: The form initially looks fine if I end on a single text input line, but a huge scroll bar suddenly appears when the drop down is selected.

I was just wondering if anyone knows what is causing this weird behaviour? The form looks fine if I don't use any drop down menus, but they would be very helpful for supporting our users so we would like to incorporate them.

Thanks for your time,



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1 reply

Hey Heather,

Fancy running into you again 😃 This kind of confounded me as well so I sat down with the devs who built this feature to come up with a solution to your problem. We've managed to pinpoint the cause (a pesky CSS class) but our devs need to make sure that they don't set off some sort of ripple effect while changing this class. I'll keep you updated on our efforts but in the meantime, why don't you try out the Popup Widget (no scrollbars here!) ?