FresDesk App Customer in Ticket New Page

  • 23 June 2017
  • 7 replies

Hi, I want to know if it is possible for an Custom App to be displayed on the new tikect page?

I read that from the file to "manifest.yml", but I have not had success.

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7 replies

Is there any update on this request?

That is what we are fixing. You will be able to embed apps into new ticket page using the sdk. We are facing some internal delays. It should be out in a couple of weeks.


The problem is that from the SDK I can not embed my custom application on the New Tickets page.

How can I do this with the "new" you say?


We have made a product change to move app development to developer portal from within the product. This is expected functionality. You can develop and deploy custom app from the developer portal.



Hi Mahesh,

is a very good news! I'll wait until next week.

However, for the moment I'm trying to make a "sample custom app" to embed it on the new ticket page and it works without problem from the test account I have (, but now I'm trying to do with Another account where ESTATE is already licensed, but this option is not available to me and instead it redirects me to the site for developers. Why does this happen?


Hi Alejandra,

New tickets page is not a placeholder we support till now.

The good news is we will be rolling out new tickets page as a placeholder early nextweek. The documentation also will be updated nextweek.