Freshchat adds a note to an existing ticket when not desired

  • 7 April 2015
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Hi Team - 

We are currently testing Freshchat for deployment and have found the following behavior.

1. We embed the Freshchat script into our desktop application on a static HTML page

2. We can launch chat, interact with customers etc OK

3. After closing the chat session we "Convert to new Ticket", detail the ticket and all is good

4. Say 45 mins later the user launches a "new" chat (following on from the last conversation) with a new issue / topic, closing the chat session does not give the option to create new ticket / merge chat into ticket. It adds the chat notes to the existing "Resolved" ticket.

What are out option for handling this scenario?



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Hey Justin,

If the same user comes back within "Five minutes" of ending the initial chat conversation, then the subsequent chat conversation would be added as a note within the first ticket. 

But, post this time limit, it would be creating a new ticket. 

Please do let us know if you're still facing issues on this one.