Freshdesk issues with IE 11

  • 20 November 2013
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When using IE 11 (even in compatibility mode) there are quite a few issues with site functionality. Portions not loading, javascript prompts when using buttons, copy/paste in windows not working. We're starting to see more of this now that IE 11 is release for Windows 7.

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4 replies

Same thing here, Chrome works just fine...

Hi Kyle,

We do understand your concern here but our Team is working fixing the comapitibility issues of Freshdesk with IE11.
And this fix should hopefully be rolled out in 1-2 weeks.

Hi Anna!

Not sure if additional voices help (or if it's even wanted!!), but I would like to "+1" this as IE 11 is moving steadily in to the wild!  Thank you for having your developers continue to work on the bugs. 

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Hey David, 

Yes, we are facing quite a few compatibility issues with IE11 and our developers do have them all in the list of bugs to be fixed. 

But, I cannot give you a concrete ETA as of now as we are still in the phase of figuring out the various issues that comes with this browser. 

Sorry for any kind of inconvenience this is causing you currently. Hope you understand.