Gmail forwarding not always working properly

  • 13 August 2015
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We recently switched to Gmail for our support mailbox. We followed the directions to have gmail forward all incoming emails to FD. Unfortunately, the majority of our requesters emails were getting caught by the gmail spam, so they were never being forwarded. We would have to go back retroactively and forward the emails one by one. When they would come through in FD, they would show instead of the original requesters email. Thankfully, you could see the email of the requester in the stuff at the top showing it was forwarded. My agents then have to manually change the emails on each and every ticket, resulting in a major loss of efficiency.

After multiple calls to Gmail, they had us set up some filters to disable the Spam filter so that no emails go there. The emails are now being forwarded to FD. The problem is that these emails that should have gone to spam in Gmail, come through in FD without the requestor's email - it doesn't even show it in the top. I then have to search for each ticket contents in Gmail to hunt down the requestor's email.

Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas for a fix?

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2 replies

Hi Chianne,

We have converted this topic as a support ticket. 

One of our support rep will get in touch with you shortly.

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As per our conversation on the ticket #355095, I am marking this topic as resolved.