Google User Not Automatically Signing On

  • 30 May 2013
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Our organization uses Google Apps and I was under the impression that if a user was signed in, they would automattically be signed into Freshdesk. Is there something that I am missing here? Are there other steps that I need to take?

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5 replies

Yay! Deric. Great to know it's working for you.

Happy supporting! :)

I believe that it is working now. When I want to login to the help desk site, I have to click on "Login using Google" and it works. Thank you.

Hi Deric,

Are you still having these issues? Could you please send us some screenshots of what you're seeing when you try to login?

That'll help us solve your problem quicker.



Thank you so much for the reply! I followed those steps and I chose "link existing freshdesk account" and it is saying that my credentials are not correct, even though those are the exact credentials that I use to login freshdesk. 

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Hey Deric,

Thank you for posting on our Forums.

Here's a screenr video on how to integrate Freshdesk with Google Apps -

Once you get this done, you can use the navigation URL within your gmail to access Freshdesk. 

Feel free to reach out for further queries!