Group Privacy

  • 20 February 2020
  • 1 reply

Hello there. 

Well, actually I have a site  on and it's working at now but I have a questions about  group's functionality 

I would like to add another "Groups" but I would like to separate the information that agents see on each group. 

Example: Group of  IT Support , Marketing, Sales 

each group has it's own agents , the  IT support agents can see all the tickets of all groups , but marketing agents can not see the tickets of IT support and Sales.

I'm looking for information about group privacy but I have not found nothing. 

Note: I'm at the basic plan ("Free")

1 reply


We do provide the option to set the ticket scope for an agent which would be perfect to implement your use case( IT agents can be given Global ticket access, whereas folks from marketing can be given group access so that they see only tickets from their group). This feature is available from the Blossom plan onwards, and you can learn more about ticket scope by clicking here.

Happy supporting!