new phone tickets come in as email under source

We use ring central and any message that comes in to FD log comes in as an email ticket under "Source". We can go in and change the source to phone later on but the original data stays as an email. Meaning all of our weekend phone call messages that we get on Mondays from over the weekend are already speced as an email. We cannot go in and change the source to phone and have that reflect in the overall workload report.

Any voice mail message ticket created is starting out as an email and updating the source to "Phone" affects nothing in the data. . .Is there a way to have all phone messages from now on come in as a "phone" under source automatically?

thanks so much


Mohu Customer Support Team

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Hi John

I will talk to the Dev Team to take up your request for such Emails from specific voicemail numbers or vendors like Ringcentral etc, but that would take much time

I can recommend that you introduce a custom dropdown ticket field - Ticket Source and use this from now onwards, for all such Tickets. Create a Dispatch'r rule with matching conditions, say, if From email contains, then set Ticket Source as Phone or so

I know I am giving a distant workaround, but this could help for immediate reporting



Any updates in this matter??

Hello John,

Not sure if this is still relevant but sharing just in case.

We have added some support from our side by way of scripts to help manage incoming RingCentral calls in Freshdesk, the source of this is set us to Phone.