New ticket form on support portal - focus jumps to last field (Description) rather than first field (First name)

  • 2 January 2014
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Wondering if anyone else has encountered this - - if you click on that link, the onload focus (first input point) jumps to the textbox rather than the first field listed on the form. I checked the code, and it's based on the snippet {% snippet new_ticket_form %} so I'm unsure how to modify this. Anyone have ideas?

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3 replies

Hey Charlene

I tried a lot to re-create this but I am not able to.

Please check this -

BTW, can you check whether you might have some extensions, which might cause this ?




Sure - this is in Chrome. See screenr - and note how it automatically jumps to the description field...


May I know in which browser you tried this ?

I tested this in Chrome and FF, infact the focus didn't come up in any of the fields.

Maybe a screenr could help ?