Requesters not allowed to close ticket

  • 1 January 2014
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How can I prevent the Requester/Customer from closing there own ticket.

There is some additional information that must be added to certain tickets before closing.

I set the fields to required to close. But that ONLY affects the Agent

A customer can happily close the ticket.

Only the agent would know the additional information.

Thank you.

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3 replies

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In Freshdesk, the general workflow is - The customer raises a support request, the agent replies to it. Now, when the agent feels that the issue has been resolved from his end, he marks it as "Resolved". 

And then, it is the requestor who has the choice of marking the ticket as "Closed" intimating that the issue has actually been solved to his satisfaction too. 

But using Portal Customization, you can completely hide the option to "Close" a ticket as well. 


This is not a solution.


Prompting them for the additional information is pointless and does nothing.

THEY do not know it.  they will never know it...  

I am quite frankly surprised that users can close tickets is a default at all.

They should be able to request a close, but all closed tickets should be reviewed I would think

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Hey Cooper,

It sure makes a lot of sense to have the customer enter additional information before they go ahead and close out on the tickets. 

We provide a feature called Portal Customization that will allow you to make changes to the pages and layouts and a lot more of other customizations. 

Using that, it will be possible for you to make it mandatory that the user enter certain additional information before closing out the ticket. 

This feature is available on our Estate plan. Here's a solution article that talks more about the Portal Customization

Go through it and please share your thoughts.