this.db.set(...) ok in test but returns error 400 when deployed

  • 29 December 2016
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This is a strange issue that append since yesterday.

I've build and publish an app that uses DataStorage to store additionnal infos (a simple ID linked to a ticket).

The perfomed action is quite simple (it's almost the same as the example provided in the documentation :  

this.$db.set( "ticket:" + ticket_id, { "RedmineIssueId": related_id})

It used to work well during a couple of hours, but suddenly stoppend working without any changes to the code. I'm also pretty sure I didn't reach the Data Storage API limit.

Now, the api give me this response : 

response:"The value cannot be blank and should be of type JSON"status:400

Here is the payload: 

{data: {RedmineIssueId: 6328}, dbKey: "ticket:22001382439", action: "store"}

As you can see, the value isn't blank and is of type json

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1 reply

Hi Romain,

This issue was fixed earlier this month. Please let us know if face any further issues.