Divide contact fields into sections

  • 15 September 2022
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I am looking for an option to make contact fields conditional, similar to what you can now do with sections in the ticket fields configuration page:


  • I have a pet
    • YES (section)
      • type of pet
        • fish
        • cat
        • dog
      • name of pet
        • text field
      • food
        • text field
    • NO (section)
      • empty

Final Result

  • I have a pet : yes
    • type of pet : fish
    • name of pet : nemo
    • food : spaghetti

Has anyone worked out a way to do this? 

We normally have a lot of contact fields, and I worry that without some kind of filtering, it will all be very difficult to parse for our team.

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Hi @HVA 


Greetings from the Freshworks community!


Unfortunately, we only support the following customer fields in Freshdesk. We certainly agree that it would be helpful to have dependant and dynamic sections under customer fields.



We already have a feature request in place for this. In general, the requests will be processed based on the number of users who've requested them and based on the priority and current schedule of the feature request queue. Please have a look at our Ideas page, and post your ask here. We will look into this and take this up from our end.