Multiple email addresses per contact

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A number of our clients have multiple email addresses, and email us regularly from different addresses. Right now as there's only one email address per customer record, this creates a whole range of problems.

If I'm looking for a ticket by customer name, I have to go through each record, and sometimes there can be 5 separate email addresses so 5 different contacts. 

On top of this from the customer perspective, they can't have a single portal login to see all their tickets, they have to have a different login for each, which is never really going to work.

Also if you search for a contact by name, the search results will show the Name but no the email address so this does make finding the right one hard, in particular as if you click on one, find it's the wrong one, go back, then it's hard to see which one you just viewed as there is no email address to help tell which record is which.

Yeah we just ran into this big time... As we've just run a bunch of automatic imports ( where a series of customers have different email addresses. So we need to be able to:
1. Merge contacts
2. Have support for multiple emails for each contact
This is a big problem for us as well, many clients use separate emails on a per project basis - it's unfortunate that they have to login to a different account to submit a ticket for the relevant project.
Any idea when this can be implemented?

 Will this be implemented soon? We're finding this an extremely annoying limitation for our internal and external customers

Also running into this problem. It's very annoying. A contact should be able to have multiple email addresses. At the moment tickets split when a customer replies from a different email address. We can merge the ticket, but the customer will then have 2 accounts. I think we should also be able to merge a contact, which should then become 1 contact with 2 email addresses.

When you implement this can you look at the way this will work with automations?

What I would like to do is to be able to send an SMS to an agent based on the priority of the ticket through an email to SMS gateway (format would be so the automation would need to accommodate the ability

to choose the correct email from a list of email addresses assigned to that agent.

Hey guys,

We are in the final stages of coming out with the Merge Contacts feature where you can merge multiple contacts into a single contact with multiple email addresses. 

Please bear with us for a little while more. Will be releasing it shortly. 

And hey Stephen, I have passed your request to my development team and will get back to you after they have had a look at it. 

Thanks everyone for being very active in our Forums. All your ideas really help us in improving. So keep it coming! 



Annapoorna V,

Thanks for the response! Any word on the potential release date of this feature request? Cheers!

After two contacts are merged together, can the customer use both email addresses to log in to the portal? Or is only primary address active for login purposes?

Hello Annapoorna,

5 months ago you said you will be releasing this feature shortly.

Are there any updates on this? 

We really need this feature ASAP


We're running into this problem too - please add this feature.

Same here, any ideas on how soon is soon?

any update on this feature? we have a lot of contact with multiple email address, and this is a major problem for us.

Annapoorna tends to announce that they are in final stages of releasing a feature and then 6 months later there is nothing... we really need this feature. Please roll it out soon!

I'm evaluating FreshDesk, and I keep seeing features that were requested "2 years ago", promised (i.e. we'll be releasing it shortly), but then apparently never delivered.  What's the story with that?  Doesn't leave a great impression for someone evaluating the product.

Just adding another voice to the request for multiple email addresses for each Customer. 

Any plans for actually rolling this out or not?

I'm also interested in this feature.

Me too!  This would be great bc we now have multiple contacts per customer.

Yep - this is something we really need! Anna, what's up with the dev team?!

any updates. We need this feature so badly. 

I too see more people having multiple extensions on their e-mail: they have e.g.

  • and as email extention

  • or and

Sometimes they fill in our webform with one e-mail address and then they reply with another e-mail address while it is still the same person. Also, they send follow up questions in new messages, so these questions are all asked by the same person from the same company.
Also this gives trouble with the connection with our CRM tool (salesforce) since some information is now missing.

We are also experiencing this issue and have been trying to wait patiently for this enhancement. Any updates on this topic would be appreciated.

Would really love to see this implemented soon.  We're in Day 3 of our evaluation trial, and already having problems with tickets being duplicated due to customers responding to ticket emails via a different email address that was originally used upon ticket submission.  Help!

Found a thread for similar request, but it also doesn't have any updates:

Our use case is that the same person in the same customer company has two versions of their email address. One is the full firstname.lastname@company.domain, and the second one is a shorter abbreviation, like just the first letter of the first or last name, but on the same domain. Right now I have to (awkwardly) tell them to remember to send support queries using only one of the addresses. So this would be very useful for us.


Fresh desk - please give update regarding this feature.