DKIM Verification using Network Solutions DNS

  • 7 June 2022
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Has anyone had success adding the (4) CNAME records to Network Solutions so that the Freshdesk DKIM Verification check succeeds?  I am unable to verify despite using both the NS Account Manager New or Classic interface.  Below is an example for one record and where I am placing the values.


Type = CNAME

Refers to = Other Host []

Host Name =

Alias to =

TTL = 2 Hours


Should I be making different selections or value placements to build the CNAME records correctly to pass verification?





2 replies

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Hi @tritacsolutions , did the suggestion work for you?

Do mark it as best answer if it did! It help our community members who run into a similar issue!

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Hi Bill,


Greetings from the Freshworks community!


Please refer to the following article for Email domain verification using DKIM records -


Following screenshot is an example of how the record should be mapped to the value in your DNS server.




Once the records are saved and published, you can do a CNAME lookup here to cross verify if the records are published. Only if the records are published, freshdesk would be able to verify the records.


Note: There could be a propagation delay (maximum 48 hours) for verification. Once verified, the system will send an email to the Admin stating that the DNS settings were verified for the particular domain.