Knowledge Base search bar: Some words don't trigger the search

Hello there! 

I’ve been experiencing some issues concerning the Knowledge Base search bar. 

Some words we type in, although they’re part of article titles or bodies, they don’t bring those articles up in the search. This only happens in the customer portal. Is there any solution to this issue?



We also realized, that customers have to type exactly the word, in order to find the article. They have to type “permissions” instead of “permi”, not allowing to mistype or to type only half the word, this is just an idea, and imo would be a big improvement :)  

Thank you in advance! 


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Hello Patricia, Thank you for your question! I’m sorry to hear about the knowledge base search triggers. Your ask certainly makes sense.

I’m hoping one of @Pooja Bernice @Juliana Rozario @Keer  can throw more light on this :)

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Hi @patriciaquinaz,

Welcome to the Freshdesk community!

Thank you for voicing your concern to us; I understand the Kbase search is not picking up specific translated words. We are working on improvising the search logic for different languages in the Solution article. 

Can you please DM us your Freshdesk URL? We will raise this further with our developers and keep you posted on updates.