outbound email blocked

  • 17 May 2022
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I cannot send any outbound emails. Have been seeing issues since last friday, this is major functionality that is not being resolved… I have tickets open, and they all say they are looping in team, What do I need to do? I set up DKIM, forwarding emails through freskdesk to my gmail, and it seems to work, then stop working.  I’m currently a trial user and it’s a bit troubling to see functionality like emails not working and wondering if I should look elsewhere for helpdesk. 

Thanks for any help on this.

1 reply

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Hi @lasergojira,

Apologies for not getting back earlier on this, but could you please help me with your helpdesk URL through a private message, so I can relay this to the concerned team to get back to you and have your block removed for your account.