Repetitive notification banner

Hi Team,

Everytime I login to the portal, or reload the page, I am greeted with the attached banner. The banner is regarding a change in permission of my user by another admin user. I have received this notification 20+ times in a day and is starting to get irritating. 

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Hello @theLolwa, I would log out of your instance, clear your cache and sign back in. Perhaps that will remove the banner for you. Just a thought.

Take care!

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Hi @theLolwa,


As @zachary.king mentioned, clearing the cache should solve this issue ideally. Could you please check once in Incognito mode to see if the banner is appearing there? If yes, please do feel free to DM me your profile’s email address and your Freshdesk URL so that we can check it. If the banner isn’t appearing in the Incognito mode, then clearing the cookies and caches should get this fixed.


Thank you!