Reporting/Analytics: List of Service Catalog requested items

  • 29 June 2020
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 Hi, i tried for a long time now, but i wasn't able to create a list of requested items in a certain period of time (from the service catalog) with the following fields:

Req. Item name, Department, and very important: the time sheet associated (time spent)

Somebody with the same need here ?


1 reply

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Hi Stefan,

I would like to start off by noting that the “Time Tracked” column is only available part of the native “Timesheet” widgets that can be grouped module wise across Tickets, Problems, Changes and Releases. 

As per your requirement you can get the mentioned fields such as Req. Item Name, Department, Created Time, etc. in the Ticket Widget but you would not be able to get the “Time Tracked” column alone here.

Although, the inverse is possible here wherein you can configure a “TimeSheet” widget which has the “Time Tracked” column and then you can add the Ticket Fields too into the tabular data.

However, please note the ‘Requested Item field’ is not available here but instead you can use the Subject Line which contains the information of the Requested Item. 

To perform the above, please follow the below steps:

  1. Inside a report, please navigate to the “Timesheet” widgets and drag any widget.


  1. Under filters select the first filter as “Ticket” which will show the sub-conditions of all ticket related sub-filters. For starters, you can choose “Ticket” - “Created Date” - your specific time range.


  1. After applying the above filters, you can drag in the respective columns such as Department Name, Subject (instead of Requested Item) and Total Hours which contains the total “Time Tracked” count against each ticket.


Pranav B