Associate Contacts/Companies to Specific Portal

  • 29 April 2015
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For those of you who have multiple products with unique portals, how do you assign companies/contacts to the correct portal? I will need to import about 1000 contacts in a few days, and all of them need access to just ONE portal for them. (They have no need to see the main portal, nor the portal for another product of ours.)

I can't see a way to do this via Contact or Customer Fields, nor in the portal setup page.


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3 replies

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Hey Barbara,

Firstly, sorry for the incredibly late response to this post of yours. Totally our bad and we are currently working on improving our presence on the community. 

But I believe you've been getting pretty good support from our agents on chat and on tickets. Trust me, we really look forward to seeing you on Chat, everyday :)

I wanted to confirm whether the question you've posted on this forum has already been answered or you're still figuring out a way around this. 

Please do let me know and I would be really glad to do the best I can, for you.


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How to set it up ?

  • Create a custom user field with the portal values in a dropdown field. Import users with the values respectively using the csv import option
  • Navigate to Admin -> Portals -> Settings -> Customise portal -> Portal pages(select the product portal) -> Portal home and then restrict the access based on the custom field value (  Refer Dynamic placeholders for the placeholder information )

Sample code :

{% if portal.user.custom_field == "portal1" %}
alert("you are not allowed to access this page")
{% end if %}

Hi there, can I just simply put a value from the Customer custom field in Portal / Discussions pages.

I mean something like this 

{{ topic.user | profile_image }}
{{ topic.user | custom_field == "fieldName" }}