Configure the link to my app in the Play Store

  • 30 July 2014
  • 3 replies

According to, an agent can ask the user to rate the app in the play store. Where do you configure the link ? Is it in the Mobihelp SDK or in the Admin section ?

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3 replies

There is no configuration needed for this, the Mobihelp SDK automatically identifies the app during runtime and launches the PlayStore listing of the app to let the user review.

In our (newly approved) iPhone app 'Drebbl', when we send users an app review request in our conversation, our users get something like "Article not available, the article that you requested is currently not available in the Dutch store"  (in Dutch).

We restricted the availablility of our app in the App Store to the Nederlands and Belgium. Could this in any way be the cause?

NB The review request feature works fine for our Android App users.

@Drebbl The error your users are seeing is from Apple's AppStore about the app not being available in the user's region. Mobihelp/Freshdesk uses the app id you have configured in the web dashboard to open the AppStore page for the specific app to let the users rate. Its likely the user had set their store to Dutch and that is causing this. If you recently restricted the availability of the app to specific regions, your existing users from outside the region will face this. You should have a way to detect this (Send as custom data via Mobihelp) and not send the review request or expand access to more countries to resolve this.