Creating JIRA issue does not include comment history

  • 11 December 2014
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Looks like this comment history is still not transferred. Is this still in the works? 2 years ago, it was mentioned as a "we're taking it up 3-4 months from now", but I don't really see that it was implemented.


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7 replies

We too have this problem which to me seems like a pretty huge oversight!

Our environment is fairly straight forward. Support/Customer services have Freshdesk and our Development team has JIRA. Now, it's not always immediately obvious on creation of a ticket that development is needed. A lot of investigative work is required by Support before it's handed off to development, those comments/attachments are fundamental for the development team to pick up the job without having to re-do everything.

Currently the only work around that I can see is to make a link and then manually add the comments/attachments myself. This basically defeats the entire purpose of having Freshdesk in the first place.

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Hey Phil,

We are working on an enhancement which would have the attachments from Freshdesk passed to JIRA automatically. 

But, the contents or the ticket thread will have to be added manually as it would be difficult to pass on that as well. Let me know if you think this would be of help to you.


It would certainly help, but my view on this would be when the link between FD and JIRA is created, it would be cool to be able to mark which comments you want brought over as well.  

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I totally get your point, Philippe. 

We shall definitely analyse the feasibility of bringing in such a functionality as well. 


Hi Anna

we would also realy like to see the function to forward one ore multiple attachements from freshdesk to Jira.

Thank you and kind regards.


Attachements would definitely be a step in the right direction!

Perhaps a sync button on a per comment basis? So we can choose what to move across to JIRA?


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Sorry for leaving this thread in the dark for a very long time.The JIRA integration now supports attachment sync .By default, the ticket attachments are synced to the issue in JIRA and it can also be turned off , if needed.