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  • 24 March 2016
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Hi All,

When I browse to our Freshdesk home page, our logo does not appear in the top-left corner of the screen. However, if I click on the Log In or Sign up link, the logo appears on these pages. Additionally, if I am logged-in, the logo appears on the home page.

This appears to be a recent issue. Has anyone here experienced this?

Many thanks,


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9 replies

I've encountered the same issue. The logo appears on sub-pages, but not on the home page... at least until I log in.

Agree that the logo should appear even when not logged in.  The green SSL lock icon is great, but any customer might rightly hesitate to enter login credentials if the brand logo doesn't appear to reassure them that this is the real site.

Interestingly this appears to happen even for Freshdesk's own brands, e.g. FreshSales.

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Hello Everyone,

As Peiter rightly pointed out, the absence of the logo hampers the reputation of the site. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Every logo image is set an expiry date on our server and by default, it gets refreshed automatically. Due to a small glitch, the auto-update of the date doesn't happen. Our engineers are on the case and it will be fixed soon. 

As a workaround, you could navigate to Admin -> Portals -> Customise Portal section and hit on Save and Publish button . This will refresh the cache and the portal logo appears immediately.


This works, thanks!

I've only been using FreshDesk for one day and already I am having to click the Save & Publish button every hour or so to workaround this. And this ticket was opened 7 months ago? And you guys still haven't fixed a simple caching issue after all this time?

Do you seriously expect new customers like myself to continue using your product if we can't even do something as simple as displaying our own logo on the portal?

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Hello Chris,

Sorry that we took quite sometime to resolve this but I assure you that we've a permanent fix that was deployed yesterday. In case if you're not able to view your logo on the portal, please do the workaround once and it should be all good then. 


And now when I clicked Save and Publish it opened a new browser tab and gave the following message:

Portal changes published successfully.

Element.update("noticeajax", "\u003Cdiv\u003EPortal changes published successfully.\u003C/div\u003E\u003Cdiv\u003E\u003C/div\u003E\u003Cdiv\u003E\u003C/div\u003E"); $('noticeajax').show() closeableFlash('#noticeajax')

Somehow I don't think that was supposed to happen...

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Thanks for the update, Chris. We would like to investigate this further and determine if this is specific to your portal. I have sent you an E-Mail regarding the same. Looking forward to your response on the  email thread.


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Hello everyone,

We're glad to let you know that the issue has been permanently fixed. We've migrated the resources to a different server and the logo cache would be refreshed systematically. Should you have any further queries, please drop us an email at