Email Notifications not working from Freshdesk

 I have created a ticket on this; their email server appears to not be sending mail.

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Hey Rob, 

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. 

And yes, you're absolutely right. Let me pass these to my Product Manager and see if we can tweak the existing model a  little bit to suit your requirements. 

I will definitely keep you posted on the updates. 



Hi Anna.  Any news on this yet?

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Unfortunately, we are yet to take this up for development. 

Currently, we're undergoing a major architectural upgrade aimed towards overall performance enhancement and hence the other new features have been stalled. 

I will definitely try to push this further up on our roadmap.



Hi Anna, how about now?

we constantly have email issues with FD as well. You must fix this asap.

Hi Anna, we're 3+ years into discussing these Freshdesk problems with you, 2+years since you said you'd push to get it fixed, and have no responses since then to your customers' requests for news.

Can you please give your Freshbooks community a status update?  

As a recap, There are 2 issues:


1) As Marc Hall mentioned in this thread, when we check "Can see all tickets from this company" for a company’s contact, that user does not get email notifications about their users’ requests.  This is being asked for by multiple customers, so it's conspicuously absent.


2) To work around this, we setup Dispatch’r rules to CC requests to those contacts.  This is inconvenient, but it does email them notifications.  

a. Unfortunately, that CC email includes no link.

b. Unfortunately, that CC email has no editable template to fix the missing link.


We have been experiencing issues with emial notification when customer sends/rasie a ticket.

Anyone else having this issue?



Hi Zed.  Yes, we also have that problem in addition.

Hey, Freshdesk Support: can we get an update?

Hello Zed\Rob,

Could you please elaborate us on what issues you are facing with email deliveries? You could also write to "" so that we can do some detailed troubleshooting.


For point 1, if you've selected "Can see all tickets from the company" for a user, the user would be able to view all the tickets raised by other users from the same company. If you need to set up email notifications for that user, you could set up a Dispatch'r rule which you've setup already.

For point 2, you can edit the CC notification template. This can be done under Admin-->Email Notifications-->CC Notifications.

Let me know if this helps.



Hi Harish.  Thanks for responding.  I'm glad to see someone's there!

Your second response is helpful -- the CC notifications look new (perhaps a result of Anna pushing it with development?).  I've just changed those.  Still a workaround for part of the real problem, but progress anyway.

Regarding your first response, not really helpful: You just said we can do what we're already doing to compensate for the problems of the "Can see all tickets from this company" feature.   Marc Hall described that problem when he created this topic 4 years ago, and I and others have seconded the problem.   

The "Can see all tickets from this company" feature should obviously send that person email notifications of activity on those tickets.  Can you please fix that?   Dispatch'r rules are cool, but a really inconvenient workaround.

Still no respon on email addrs about my support ticket to get verification code on my account ethereum forgot pasword....pls help

Get this...
On Sun, Nov 5, 2017 at 12:39 PM, Freshdesk Support
<> wrote:

Status update in topic

Email Notifications not working from Freshdesk

The problem has been marked as Solved.

Glad to see Freshdesk is looking at this again! But "Solved" when this ticket clearly shows otherwise?

--> Anna, or Harish, or whoever marked this Solved: What has Freshdesk done to solve this?

(Harish's response was an awkward workaround at best, not Anna's update, and definitely not "Solving" the problem.)

To recap the problem again:
The "Can see all tickets from this company" feature should obviously send that person email notifications of activity on those tickets. Can you please fix that?

But if you really meant a status of "Can no longer be bothered with this ticket", please just be honest about that so we can all move on

2018-03-25 00:00:41.882 []:15669 I=[185.x.x.x]:25 rejected EHLO or HELO Your message was rejected because []:15669 is blacklisted at see Blocked - see for an explanation

Seems your mail servers are on RBL blacklists, that's why emails aren't working.  

Time to move on and find a new service provider... If you can't provide reliable email, how on earth can you provide reliable customer support... 

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@Chris: The Ips getting listed on RBL blacklists is something that's out of our control but we do have monitoring systems that alert us as soon as an IP gets blocked. We would immediately request for delisting the IP and also route the emails through a different IP.

The IP has been delisted from spamcop now. You can check the information here :



Verification emails and any other emails are not sending from freshdesk. Even our admin email has not been verified because the verification email was not received from freshdesk.

Kindly investigate and help out.

Same notifications all day.

It was working correctly yesterday.

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This seems to be back

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Same Issue

Indeed looks to be back - I started a new topic:

Hopefully to get a resolution soon.

Same here.

Update from Vijay:
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.Our Mail service Provider - Sendgrid is facing some outage due to which mails that are to be delivered are delayed.Sendgrid Team is working on this and hope to get this issue resolved ASAP.

Due to this Email Notifications , Export reports are getting affected.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.



Thanks for the update has the current status of their mail server.


Has this been resolved yet?

We're still have issues here, checked email addresses, Exchange mail tracking and email anti-virus but nothing is getting out of the web site.

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Hey Marc,

Really sorry for responding so late. 

Can you please raise a ticket at support (at) freshdesk (dot) com so that we can look into the issue and solve it sooner for you?