Events API - ticket.submitClick

  • 16 February 2018
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Hi, am trying to get notes data of a ticket whenever a new note is added to it, for that am using ticket.submitClick Event, but am ended up with "Invalid Event" error.

This is my code.

var eventCallback = function (event)



 };"ticket.onSubmitClick", eventCallback);


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4 replies


It's not ticket.onSubmitClick it is ticket.submitClick

Look here -

Even ticket.submitClick also didn't work.

var eventCallback = function (event) {

    console.log(event.type + " event occurred");

};"ticket.submitClick", eventCallback);


Hi Anish,

Can you use the following APIs ticket.sendReply, ticket.addNote, ticket.forward instead of ticket.submitClick. These events are for submitting a response from the editor.

We have corrected the documentation by removing the submitclick API. As Monisha mentioned, please use the following APIs:

ticket.sendReply -

ticket.addNote -

ticket.forward -