Fields being cleared after filling them out

  • 7 December 2018
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Hello All,

Is anyone else having issues with fields where the data is filled out and then you scroll down or save the ticket and then the fields are removed?

I am finding this happens with dependent fields.  

I know I have filled them out as the information disappears after being filled out. Because when I scroll back up, it will still display all the dependent fields as if they are blank.  As we know a dependent field should not show up until the one above it has been filled out.  

Here is an example.  Items in green are dependent fields and they should not be showing unless the one above it was filled out


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3 replies

I have the same problem. 

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@David@Dave I'm not able to recreate this on my test instance. I fill out the values, save the form and then scroll back to see them available.

Two questions, 1. On what browser and OS you're using Freshdesk?

2. Can you show us an example of the value stored in the dependant fields? Does it have any special characters?


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@Aravind S

Here is my ticket I have