FreshDesk Is Not Communicating With My Wordpress Membership Plugin. (No auto login when redirecting to FreshDesk)

  • 11 January 2014
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Hello Team!

I just found this site online while I was browsing for Wordpress support desks. I am an advanced Wordpress user, but not a developer. 

I am running the greatest WP membership plugin of all time. It's called Insta-Member. It pretty much integrates with like 30 thirdparty platforms for payment processing and affiliates. I love it and I can not live with out it. However, I noticed that it does not use the standard Wordpress registration process which I can already tell that this is the problem here. It basically pings the Wordpress site and then the user is added to the Wordpress database. 

This is giving me problems when I try to use the auto login feature you have implemented here. What I need to do is change the default login and logout URL's to the Insta-Member version to see if that would fix the auto login process. Can you please provide an option to get this working correctly?

Please Advice. 

(By the way, I love this platform very much just from browsing around a little. So I would like to say thank you for this wonderful support system.)

My site members login:

As you can see this is not the standard WP login page. This membership site works better than any other WP membership plugin I have ever tried. If you and Insta-Member worked out a deal to integrate with one another this would be the best solution around for an amazing WP membership and support desk site! 

Kind Regards,

-Seth Riley

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4 replies

Hi Seth,

 May I know , which Product you are trying.  Freshdesk or Freshservice ? . 



I am using the Freshdesk. I am trying to setup the automatic login function for Wordpress. But it will not work for my needs as I am using a membership plugin that does not use the the WP registration process.

Hi Seth

Is this membership plug-in, used like an SSO tool or so

If there is any script available, can you share that script, so we can check it.

Also, did you check our SSO Script and see if you can modify this SSO script of yours to our format - Name+Email+Timestamp+HASH

only this format, for single sign-on between Freshdesk & any other
App. Kindly give this a try and if possible, do send us the SSO script
and we will try to help you better




Hi Seth, I was wondering if your post here got resolved? 

I am currently undertaking a similar task as you are (did?) and was wondering if you got where you wanted to go. 

Thanks in advance. W.