How do I create an HTML ticket form on a website

  • 4 March 2012
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Hi guys

I make wordpress plugins and want to include a ticket submission form in the backend.  I don't want to install any javascript on their sites, so this would need to be done using a HTML form.

Is that possible? If so, how do I do it?


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8 replies

Hi Chris,

You can create any HTML form of your choice but on the backend,you can make use of our API to submit ticket details with Name, Email etc of the User.

You can refer here for some info on the API.


Hi, where exactly in the API docs does it show how to submit a ticket? I only see read ticket information.

Also, wouldn't it be simpler to create an HTML form that simply sends email to my freshdesk email?



Also looking for this feature... The Widget tool is OK in some circumstances, but we need to add a standard HTML form to our clients site that fires custom fields directly into a ticketing system. Freshdesk is preferred, but we are looking at others too.

Please let us know if this is possible?

Many thanks



I have the same question.  Perhaps an update/links to solutions.

Thank you,



I found this article useful but it puts a "button" on the left, right, top or bottom of a page. I would like to put a form on the page.



In the API, there is no precision to set the title of the ticket, is it possible ?

This is how it usually works: FreshWidget.init("", {"queryString": "&widgetType=popup&screenshot=no&helpdesk_ticket[requester][subject]=How%20to%20do%20this", "widgetType": "popup", "buttonText": "Support", "buttonColor": "white", "buttonBg": "#006063", "backgroundImage": "", "alignment": "4", "offset": "-500px", "formHeight": "500px", "url": ""} );

helpdesk_ticket[subject] will let you set the title of the ticket(make sure it's in URA format). Hope this helps :)

Only problem with that approach is that is slows down the page loading time. It is really a shame that it is all or nothing.

With an iframe I don't have much control over the styling apart from the very limited parameters.