How to use Custom Views in API

  • 20 December 2011
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Requirement : How to make use Custom Views in the API ?



  • To view tickets in Unassigned queue, assigned to myself and colleague Andrew
  • Tickets in Open,pending status


Steps to follow : 

  • Go to Tickets Tab -->> Select the filters -->> AGENTS - Me,Andrew,Unassigned; STATUS - Open,Pending. 


  • Save this view --> My View
  • Each Custom View saved has a View ID.
  • Address bar shows the View ID : 12200


Use this View ID in the API to view all the tickets



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12 replies

You might want to increase the size of those screenshots or add the lightbox support, so that you can click on it to view in its original size including the ability to continue to the next screenshot. If I can't see what it looks like, I'm not sure the value of having them here. 

Can you please tell me a concrete example for the API URL you are using to request a view?
What is the URL to which we should be making a call to get the details of tickets in a particular custom view (say 12184)?
Figured out a way.

Make a curl request to with header "Accept: application/xml" and send username and password as usual i.e., using -u username:password or curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_USERPWD, "username:password"); in PHP

Can anyone post the exact curl request to be made, I tried shal request but it is showing "HTTP/1.1 406 Not Acceptable error"

the exact request I made was `curl -i -H "Accept: application/xml" -u API_KEY:X https://{domain}`

I also tried using `curl -i -H "Accept:application/xml" -u API_KEY:X "https://{domain}"`

Freshdesk support gave me this answer


for now its owrking have to try on more data 

Thank you guys, it will be more helpful if forms is active :)

How does this work with the API V2?

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Helo Marco,

Good day ! As of now, we don't have this option in API V2 but it is bound to be added soon. We will update the topic once the custom view support on V2 is available :)


Hi ! 

Just a quick note to ask if this has been implemented in the v2 of the API now? The last update was over 2 years ago. Thanks !

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@Nikita Did you get a chance to look at the filter tickets API?


Hi...filter ticket work with custom fields ?


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@Willian Yes, it works with custom fields (Single line, dropdown, checkbox and Number type fields).