Installing Chat on a Wordpress site

  • 14 April 2014
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Installation of the Chat feature seems pretty straight forward for normal NON wordpress websites but, what about installing on a Wordpress website?

Any suggestions on where to place the code?

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4 replies

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I figured it out using one of the themes I am using but not sure if the same will work on other themes such as some of the free themes I use on other sites.

I installed the plugin "Head & Footer Code". It just to add the code in the plugin, and save. In that way you don't need to dig into the code.

Hello Anders, I don’t think “Head & Footer Code” has anything to do with chat option.

Well there are ample of plugins available on net that let you append an intuitive chat options without bothering about codes. I am using Chat X v1.4 for my sales & support and its working excellently. You can look forward to it or otherwise seek on net for more options. In case you want to accomplish it via code then see for adequate help.


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Sorry that we've missed out on updating this thread and lost the opportunity to help you earlier. 

In case of chat installation in a wordpress site, paste the code before the </body> in the footer.php section