Is there a way to turn off "Support powered by Freshdesk"

  • 30 July 2014
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Is there a way to turn off "Support powered by Freshdesk"?

My portal is called "MyChapterRoom Client Support" so it looks like MyChapterRoom Client Support Support powered by Freshdesk 102, which , whicwhic, wwhich does not look professional.

which wh

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3 replies

I believe you can remove that under the customization of the portal. 

Admin>HelpDesk Rebranding>Customize Portal>Layout & Pages 

From there you should be able to find that, and remove it. 

Hey Penny,

The email footer is automatically inserted to all the emails sent from Freshdesk since you have have subscribed to the free plan. Now if you want to remove or disable this, you will have to upgrade to the blossom plan or higher.

But if you are referring to the term "support" being added twice, I can check this with my team if the footer can be edited to just "powered by Freshdesk".


On checking this now with our Dev Team, they have clarified that the footer is modified to display the helpdesk name along with "powered with Freshdesk". 

Hence this should be of help for your use case,