Lack of "Ticket response time" in exported data

  • 11 October 2012
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In Ticket->Export csv file there is "Ticket resolution time" and "Ticket close time" but I can't find  "Ticket first response time".

It's needed to analyze in how many cases you exceeded "First respond" SLA.
Is it possible to export it somehow or it's not aviliable at the moment?
If not - will it be added?    


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9 replies

Hi Lukasz

We will take up the First Response Time filter for our future updates.

I've added it to the feature list and we will bring this out in the next few weeks time


Hello Vijay,

Is the 'First Response Time' still on the road map to be added to the CSV ticket export?  I don't see the option available right now and will need it included for our proper reporting procedures.

Hello Vijay,

Three months passed since I asked about this change. Is it gonna be added in the end? 

I really need it for my work. It will be hard to find this data in all tickets manually...



I would also like to see the "First Response Time" added to the CSV export ASAP.  Adding it to the CSV export solves the immediate problem but,  long term I feel it should be clearly denoted on the ticket view as well.  This allows the users to understand what fresh desk is using as the "first response".  Right now it's completely unclear to me.

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Hey John,

Thank you for coming up with this feature request. 

The good news is that the developers are almost done with the work and it is in the testing phase. I am hoping that you will get to make use of it in about 2-3 weeks. 

Please keep such ideas coming in! 




Could you add the "First Response Time" (or Timestamp) field for a ticket to your API endpoints returning tickets and their fields? It is nowhere to be found (in the documentation or your API's responses) but I feel like it would be valuable to a lot of people who are using your API.

Please get back to me ASAP, as we are internally debating whether or not to implement that ourselves, using a custom field, which doesn't sound like a great idea.

Thanks in advance,


Where is this? The average 1st response time given in my reports are completely inaccurate, and I can't figure out how this data is being calculated. 

Hello Sam,

Average first response time

The 'Average 1st response time' section in the 'Helpdesk In-depth' report shows the average time taken by the agent to send the first response to a ticket. Only the tickets whose first response was sent during the selected time period will be taken into account. They may have been created anytime (inside and outside the selected time period).

Average 1st response time = Total time taken to send the first response during the selected time period divided by the number of tickets whose first responses were sent in the selected time period.


Hope this helps.

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Sorry that we've missed updating this thread for a very long time. There have been several enhancements since the post and we've addressed both the requirements.

1. First response time in CSV export - This is now available for the csv export in the ticket list view

2. First response time in API - We've included a parameter "stats" to the API endpoint to obtain this metric. Here's the link to the API documentation :