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  • 8 November 2017
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our help desk some time faced "Message bounced" when they FW tickets to others.


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13 replies

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This might be a result of the recipient server not accepting the emails due to technical reasons. I have converted this post into a support ticket for further analysis.


I also have this problem - I have raised a ticket 14 days ago - we have since had many clients specifically white list our domain - but it continues to happen.

I am having this problem as well... It seems to only happen to certain addresses. For example, and will receive my messages but will reject my message.

In other instances, a person who had communicated with us through FreshDesk in the past has suddenly started rejecting my messages, always with "Temporary Error" as the reason.

Please advise, thanks!

Our problem was fixed a few weeks ago - Freshdesk said that their email provider made a change. I would suggest that if you are getting individual bounces from certain specific domains, then you might contact that client and get them to white list you - possibly at a domain level.

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Thanks James for the suggestion. Second that! 

You can always ask the client to whitelist in the sender list so that the emails don't get stuck into any of the filters. Also, enabling DKIM will increase the boost the delivery rates as the messages are authenticated.


We facing the same problem here. Few days ago we start getting  message bounced errors from emails which was send to our domain users. We have contact to our email provider and they said that everything seems ok. We check DKIM settings and it's OK.

Likewise, starting to get these errors for the first time since a couple of days to certain domains.

We have the same issue too

 I'm having this same problem -- Is there a solution?

 Do not worry, after few days, they will fix the problem without notifying you. The problem is from their email servers. 

I've the same problem 

is there any solution for that ?

The causing of the bounced messages I experienced was due to an attached file size that was larger than the inbox maximum storage space allowed.

All emails I try to send or respond to are bouncing.