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  • 9 July 2014
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I am new to freshdesk and have setup mostly everything.  I have my company support email forwarded to my freshdesk email and have agent notifications turned on but whenever a ticket is submitted and me or another agent gets an email its goes straight to spam and I have added an spf record, whitelisted the email address through gfi, added to safe sender, and I have run into a brick wall.  My company email is through exchange server so can someone please help.

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4 replies

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We're sorry to have left this topic in dark for a very long time. We sincerely hope you'd have figured out a way to fix this issue. 

Earlier this year,we had added the DKIM feature support for emails sent out of freshdesk. This should eliminate the possibilities of being marked as spam to a greater extent.


Hi Aravind,

Sorry for replying to a 3 year old post.

We have this issue as well. All other emails from Freshdesk go to Inbox but New ticket emails go directly into SPAM. All the agents have this.

It's an Office365 subscription.

If you can think of a solution please let us know.

I'm sure others have the same issue.

Kind regards,


@ Marius

I noticed you are an Office365 user like we are.

We are new in Freshdesk, actually setting up the system; I was wondering if you could give me some advice in setting up the email channel with additional Office365 accounts. We seem to setup everything correcty according to Microsoft instructions in terms of imap, smtp and port numbers. When we add accounts and credentials, Freshdesk tries to verify and we get a wrong password message which is not the case as we tried a few different accounts with known correct passwords....

Have you faced any similar problems when setting up your email channel with Office365? Can you offer any kind of feedback on this?


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Absolutely not,Marius. We're more than happy to see your comment on this thread. I'm pretty perplexed to see only new ticket emails get into the spam box and not other emails . So,if I am not wrong, the agents receive the email replies and other notifications from Freshdesk without any issues.

I've raised a ticket for this issue so that we can do an extra level of troubleshooting.