Add a second contact as CC to a ticket

  • 22 March 2023
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Is it possible to add a 2nd contact to a ticket, or an alternative email address *and keep it*?

We occasionally have clients who are communicating with us on one email address, but ask us to cc a second email address - usually their spouse or work email.

You can do that per reply, but it has to be set again with every reply if the client didn’t open the ticket with a cc in the first place.

3 replies

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Hi @markus.finster 


Greetings from Freshworks Community! 


In regards to your query, I understand that you would like to update a ticket with a particular CC email address for certain contacts. This can be achieved using Automations, Admin → Automations → Tickets → Ticket Creation → New rule: Sample rule screenshot: 



I hope this helps! 

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Is it possible to do this on Ticket Update rather than creation?

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Adding CC via automation is available only on a Ticket Creation event. On a ticket Update event, this cannot be automated.