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  • 15 March 2021
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is there any way to create an "internal" ticket that is not connected to an actual customer/contact but rather just a name? Every time we create a ticket, a "ticket created"-mail is sent to the customer. We would just like to create a ticket internally to work on, where no emails are sent to the customer. However at the same time, we also want to be able to create tickets where regular emails ARE sent to the customer, so they can follow the ticket.


We want to use Freshdesk to replace "Microsoft Planner" which we are using today. We use Microsoft Planner to add 'tasks' (rather than 'tickets'). These tasks can be commented, edited etc. without sending any kind of notifications. We use this for the purpose of planning and following up with a customers case, so it's not forgotten.


Any ideas on how we can accomplish what we have in Microsoft Planner, in Freshdesk instead? 


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HI @kuchkr, good day! 

Answering your first part of the query, we do have an option to skip ticket created notification which you can set up based on automation that runs on ticket creation.


You can navigate to Admin → Automations → Rules that run on ticket creation and configure a rule where based on the conditions set, the notifications would be skipped. 


To answer your second part of the query, we do have marketplace apps to help you acheive this. I am adding the links of them below: 

Kanban board based planners:


Shared work lists


You can navigate to Admin → Apps and add them in using the ‘More Apps’ option. 


I hope this helps :) If you have any further queries, write to and our support buddies would love to help you further.