PlaceHolders for Log Time field Feature request

  • 16 November 2022
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I’m trying to have an email sent to the billing group that contains information for invoicing my customers.  I was able to have an automated email containing placeholders for most of the info required,  but I would need these 2  fields from the Logtime portion to be added in the email.

Are you able to create a PlaceHolder for these fields?



3 replies

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Hi @michelc 

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We understand your concern here, Did you get a chance to refer to the list of Dynamic Placeholders:, Where we have a placeholder which helps you in retrieving the total time tracked in a ticket.


Placeholder: {{ticket.total_time_spent}}

Description: Total time tracked in the ticket

Dynamic placeholder

There are a few other placeholders which you can explore to see if they suit your business needs. Kindly refer to the above article and see if that helps.

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Hi Vidya,


yes I have tried, but I need to also include the “On” and “Note” portion.







any updates on the PlaceHolders for Log Time field?