Ability to publish drafts without clicking "edit"

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We switched to Freshdesk from UserVoice and a feature I miss from UV is the ability to see immediately (without editing) whether a solution article is published or not (that's another thread), and the ability to publish or unpublish the article without going in to edit mode. 

I just published 25 draft articles and it took forever because I had to load each one, click edit on each one, wait for it to load, scroll down to the draft/published toggle, then click it, then save the article. 

This is less important than my related requests ("see which solutions are published" and "default new solutions to 'draft' instead of 'published'").

Yeah! Same issue here. We drafted 50 articles, and would like to publish all of then. It would be helpful to allow users check all the articles that want to be published, and publish them all at once.

Hi Trantor, 

With the new Knowledge Base, we had launched a bunch of improvements which included dedicated list views, advanced filters and bulk actions. From the hamburger menu, you can choose All drafts to get to the list of draft articles. 

From the list, you can select the required set of articles and click on Publish on the top right side. 

You can read more about it here: 


Let me know whether it helps.

- Sajesh