Add a "URL" type for custom Ticket Fields

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For custom fields in Contacts and Companies we have the option to specify the field as a URL. I would like to have this same functionality for Ticket custom fields.

For some of our more complex tickets we use an external collaboration tool to work through issues. I would like to be able to hyperlink directly to this system for a given ticket.

Currently, I have to define the custom field as a single line text field, and then if I want to use the link, I have to 'select all' and then right click and choose go to. 

It would be far better to just be able to click on the field to go to the page.

Hello Kelvin,

Thanks for the suggestion. Did you have a chance to try the URL to Hyperlink app from our marketplace? It allows you to define a text field and wraps the content in the sidebar as a clickable URL. 


This app looks exactly what we need. Unfortunatelly it didn't find our custom fields. Field name for example is Backoffice. How do i have to enter the name so it will be found?

Thanks for advise


Hello Bernd,

Has 'Backoffice' been the name of the field from the beginning? Can you please go to any contact page and use the browser 'inspect' option and see what the name of the field is?


Does this tool work to convert text fields to URLs in the customer's support portal as well?

@Margot It works only on the agent interface. For the customer portal, you can use jQuery to customise the content and display it as a link if you're on the Estate plan and above.


Hey Support, I would like to have this functionality as well directly in the Ticket custom fields.The suggested App is just a workaround. It can be used, but it is not comfortable. 

So please make a feature request out of this. 

Thank you! 

Hi Support,

I also like to have this feature, because the "Hyperlink to URL" Extension is working but not that comfortable like it could be.

So please start a feature request out of this idea.

Thank you!