"Add people to conversation" action missing from Agent portal

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The "Add people to conversation" action is available to Contacts but not to Agents. As a result, we have to temporarily change the submitter of the ticket to a fake user, login as that user, add the additional people, and then change the submitter back to the original. This is error-prone and wastes a lot of time. Please add this capability to the Agent portal as soon as possible as it often happens that we need to add additional CCs to a ticket after it has been created. 

Hi, Patrick.

For the new tickets that are raised from the agent portal by clicking on the "+New Ticket" button, you would see the option to add additional email addresses in CC in the new ticket page that follows:


Also, for tickets that are already created, you can just add the email address in CC when you are replying to the ticket and this email address will automatically get populated in the forthcoming replies as CC.


In addition to this, you need not edit the requester of the ticket to a fake user to be able to log in and make changes on behalf of the ticket requester. If you click on the Requester's name in the ticket, it would take you to the "Contact Details Page" of that requester, where you can assume the identity of the requester, make the necessary changes and then revert the identity back.


I hope this is helpful.