Admin can't login

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Since the last update, I can't login to my admin page with SSO. It says not authorized....

Hello Matt,

We apologize for the bad experience that you are facing. A few other customers have faced similar login issues with SSO, and we're working on resolving it. Until then, please try logging in using your respective username and password.

Hello Matt,

We've rolled out a fix for this issue.

Could you please try logging using Google SSO and see if you are able to login now?

Hi, i had to make a reset of my password and its ok now. 

But when i connect to the admin, i cant get access to admin dashboard ? and it seems that i m a simple user and no more a admin profile

See picture


Hi, Laurent.

I believe you were added as the Organization Admin of your Freshworks instance as per your request on the support ticket you have raised with us. Please do write to in case you need any further assistance regarding this.


Ask for a pass again from admin




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