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Our customers tend to only be around for 1 enquiry only and rarely come back, the biggest problem we have is them being impatient and logging multi tickets for the same thing.

We would love the ability to "turn on" auto merging tickets based on the requester email to save us from doing it manually. (we had to do this for over 30% of tickets last month) e.g. is

Mike says: Hey I have a problem with this product > ticket opens
Mike then emails in: Oh I forgot to add this question, can you tell me about this?
= 2 tickets raised and unless you go into the requester info you don't know to merge these

Solution: turn on auto ticket merge, this way all of mikes conversation is under the one number 

Preference here would also be to have the second ticket never even appear within the stats (deleted but info/question is moved over)

Another rule here: Once this ticket is closed it will obviously open up Mikes ability to raise new tickets from then on (when he has a problem again 2 months later)

I think this would be super awesome!


I agree with this. Auto merging open tickets for the same company name would work great for us


My apologies for the super late reply. Though Auto-merging sounds useful, a majority of our customers do not have a use case for this feature. We are not developing this feature, however if more people vote up this request, we could look into it. 


I think could ber very usefull! Thumb UP for that!

We have a use case for this feature - many of our tickets are being generated from posts to an external forum (which then sends an email to Freshdesk to create a ticket), currently replies to those posts generate new tickets and so we must manually merge each reply into the original ticket. We would like to set up rules to auto-merge tickets based on similarity of the subject line.

If this feature is built in, some configuration about how sensitive the auto merging would need to be employed, just as Nathan Griffiths suggests but more so.

Agree on this one. Many customers send an email, which creates a ticket. Then they forget to mention something and send another email. Then they see your comment, but send a new email. I now have 3 tickets to merge manually. It would be nice to have a feature that automatically adds mails from the same user, within a given time frame, to one ticket. Say sent within 30-60 minutes, maybe more.
We need to merge tickets more than split them, so for us this would work well.


This would be a great feature, especially if you are able to set up the timeframe as suggested in the post above. I would personally set it really low however. Like 5 or 10 minutes. In our scenario there are so many time when user send their initial ticket request and immediately there after send some separate email with attachments.

Right now is a little messy for us, especially with Round Robin active. The initial request get assigned to one agent, and the following email to all different agents... It's really not easy for them to realize the initial request was submitted a couple of minutes before, assigned to another agent who most likely is already handling it.

Please consider adding the feature.

Surely this has enough weight to it now? come on, get moving on getting it in! 

With the right rules in place (like suggested in the other comments e.g. time period etc.. ) this will be awesome !

Yeah, I would love to have this feature, it would save us a ton of time.


I started this topic 2 years ago! wow time goes quick! 

Just checking in again as my team needs this more than ever, we love FreshDesk but this currently is the main drawback we have and it is distorting out stats and costing us time in finding and merging multiple tickets.


Please let me know if there is progress on this!

We would like this feature, too!

An idea that would cover all freshdesk business users would be to allow an ON/OFF auto merge button perhaps even add a time limit here like the following rule...

Turn ON

Guests that raise more than one ticket within X (variable no of mins/hours/days) we will merge their ticket with previously raised ticket.

X variable would be determinable by the business. e.g. If my customers contact me once and contact can last up to 1-2 weeks before i see them again, then i would set my X time to 2 weeks.

Turn OFF (Default)

Would allow FreshDesk to handle the tickets as they normally do allowing guests to raise multiple NEW tickets within minutes, hours days if they wish.

Love to hear FreskDesk's thoughts on this > & Also some more votes/comments from users to get this in!



Loyal Freshdesk user 

 This is definitely a great idea. Would be very helpful for us to have a single ticket record in the system for each customer.

Even an option to set this up through creating a Rule that allows it.

I would like this option.  Even if I could be able to setup a rule myself using the dispatchr or the observer.  I cannot seem to find the right options.  I also have an issue with people whom do not have intelligent out of office replies.  Multiple Tickets are created for the customer responses by an OOO reply.  Being able to create an observer rule for these would be nice as well, but there is not "merge" capability with the Observer.

Any updates FreshDesk?


I would really love to see this feature of auto-merging based on email address. 

Thanks, Katie

I also believe that this is something that should be available. Especially in the instance of phone calls within a certain period of time. We have found ourselves returning voicemails that have already been handled since someone took care of an older one and neither agent saw that there had been additional tickets. Vote up!

Yes! Agree on the voicemail thing too, this happened to us today! And happens a lot

there has to be a way to do this FD, any update? its killing my stats!

If anyone is keen to "like" a similar comment to this so it can be implemented please see the similar raised ticket here

So freshdesk, many customers are liking this feature request. Are you now going to move forward with it?

Although you say customers are not asking for it (they are now) the original request is to have the ability to turn this on and off. So customers that dont want it dont have to use it :)

This is a worthwhile feature and i add another thumbs up to this

We're desperate for something like this.

We would also love this :)


Looking for this feature also... It would be very usefull.

How many people need to want this feature before it will get some attention? 100? 200?