CSAT Survey Response Rate

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We need the % of surveys submitted versus total # of surveys

sent in the desired reporting period.

Why? Because if we're getting lower than average/acceptable response rates, we need to run an incentive campaign to encourage (bribe) end users to fill out surveys.

I think the whole CSAT section could use some development to allow for more customisation. We have merged with another company who use a different ticketing system and they offer options 1 - 5 and this may shortly become one of our Key Performance Indicators too. It would be a shame to lose Freshservice as it cannot keep up with the corporate KPIs.

@Richard.tomlin, agreed but lets ask FreshWorks to crawl before they run. 😃

Also, since they already offer integration with Retenly, SurveySat and SurveyMonkey. If I were a betting man, I wouldn't expect a lot of investment in native surveying capabilities unless they can monetize them.

Hello folks, there area a few enhancements planned for the CSAT section. More details here: https://support.freshservice.com/support/discussions/topics/322814

Is this feature available now (% of CSAT received)? I would also like to have a report which shows what comments people gave while filling the CSAT. With Current reports, I am able to see see the score, but not the feedback. Feedback is very important to know why someone gave a good or bad score.